As American corporations, following their innate yearning for cheaper human resource, move Information Technology offshore, computer professionals begin to crowd the cab driving business. Meanwhile, those who still manage to hang on to their DP jobs feel the squeeze. Their benefits shrink, work hours expand, and they get to play new corporate games such as reapplying for their own jobs every year...

Read the follow up (with elections totals):

They retain their offices ( 2004 Elections Cook County Judge retention results) irregardless of negative evaluations by bar associations: Judicial Evaluations

An uniformed "YES" vote to retain a judge is an irresposible vote!

Bush record on Medicare and Social Security

The Bush record on shipping jobs overseas

Bush hates animals
 Recently a pack of wolves agreed to participate in a Bush/Cheney political TV ad. The poor animals were clearly confused and misinformed. Although wolves are partial to bushes, names can be deceiving. It is a well established fact that Republicans are both anti-environment and anti-wolf-fare.

With so many new agencies competing for an offshore outsourcing opportunity, a business can not succeed with a weak advertisement which misses the mark. Check out the ad samples below and see if they are right for your company.
The best source for SOFTWARE ENGINEERS. Only $5 per 100 lb per hour! Our average software engineer weighs only 85 lbs - less than half its American counterpart. With us you get best programmer headcount for your dollar! Your software shall be the softest!
OUTSOURCING EXPERTS. Our agency provides the top rank outsourcing management specialists. Unburdened by any business or technical knowledge. Adorned with best management diplomas, opinionated, thick, saucy. Very reasonable prices. (Headless and gutted cost extra.)

A SUPRIMATE outsourcing advertisement site: PPI

Corporate employee conduct standard:
 Those DP-Peons who still hang on to their jobs must pull their heads into their shoulders, get busier, quieter, and smaller. This will ensure that when it's the time to dispose of them - no one will notice.

A certain degree of justice may be found in Bush winning the elections. After all, our country is in a state of unholy mess that Bush Administration has created - so he should be the one presiding over it.
A voice for the digital workforce

The Oregon Association of Technology Professionals

Communications Workers of America - Union Movement

An online community for IT workers

America's Union Movement

Lou Dobbs on CNN
Defending American worker

MoveOn -Democracy in Action
Political Organization for people

Outsource congress

Rescue American Jobs

9/11 truth movement

Unanswered questions
From 9/11

Take back the media
9/11 Timeline presentation

Whiskey Bar
Free Thinking in a Dirty Glass
Need to find your local representatives and your congressional district? Find out your zip code and visit
Vote Smart
Political campaign idea:
 Our political analyst says:
Scare people with Al Qaeda - and people will run for the Bushes.

A follow up:
 Our political analyst says:
Scare people with the Bushes - and people will run away from Nader.

Tax cuts:
 Of course, I pay less tax during the Bush administration – I am unemployed.

 With unabated enthusiasm, President Bush continues his election campaign in the swing states against Saddam Hussein. He seems a bit geographically confused. Should Mr. Bush run in a hypothetical general election in Iraq against their deposed tyrant, I bet Saddam would win hands down.

Although a pity:
 While Bush administration could be an improvement over Saddam Hussein's rule in Iraq, here in the U.S., we could certainly do better.

Vic Timoff.

The story of Deepieuland came to me by way of data passage over the open communication lines connecting all computer programmers. Some say it originated inside a Mainframe of a large corporation entirely on its own. Unconfirmed reports state: a mysterious Year-10K bug irretrievably wiped out all management reports of accomplishments, therefore reducing all actual accomplishments to zero, converted all measurements into metrics, while all printers spontaneously spewed out that story. One theory is that DPU-LAND is a chapter from a History textbook of some distant future sent back in time for our editing and verification. Personally, I give no credence to spooky fibs, make what you will of it. Deepieuland

Vic Timoff

DPU-related archeological findings:
CNA goes offshore
Letter from Congressman Mark Kirk 10th District Illinois to his constituents concerned about offshoring
With translation/commentary by Vic Timoff.

Put it this way, what's the alternative?
Lee Goodman democratic candidate for the U.S. Congress 10th congressional district Illinois, makes a commitment to oppose offshore interests.
Illinois laws in the making to curb offshoring:
Illinois Senate Bill 2375
Illinois House Bill 4550
Somewhat indecisive and too slow in development.

Vic Timoff

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